A return to in-person gaming venues

It's been nearly two years since large, organized gaming events were held in person. November included several events, with more to come, as gamers look to make in-person connections again. I experienced my first in-person event in nearly two years at Compass Games Expo 2021 (see photo above). There was definitely an added energy in the air to see folks coming together again to celebrate the hobby. There is no doubt that virtual gaming events are here to stay, but we all hope that in-person events can continue unabated in the future.

News from the Front

You hopefully are noticing a big uptick in news desk activity, as we mentioned in our previous issue. As we close out the month of November, we have posted 255 news stories, compared to an average of fewer than 50 postings over the past four months. We hope you are enjoying the increased coverage.

While we continue to evaluate a new platform for the CSW Forum, we have introduced a new toolbar to help when authoring a post. We hope most users will welcome this modest addition as we try to make it easier for you to format your messages. We are also pleased to see traffic increasing for our new video curation service that posts the latest videos as soon as they are released. Today, we are amplifying content from more than 40 content contributors on YouTube who feature podcasts, game reviews, replays, tutorials, interviews, and more. Please be sure to check out our CSW Video page on a daily basis!

In closing, we hope you enjoy the curated content below. This is but a small, curated sampling of our latest news coverage. For more, please visit our CSW News!

John Kranz