Celebrating John Tiller and Rick Barber

Our community has suffered a great loss with the recent passing of John Tiller and Rick Barber.

John Tiller, the founder of John Tiller Software and a modern titan of wargaming. is perhaps best known for his excellent computer simulations, with more than 100 titles published. John's games had a wonderful board game like quality to them as most titles were of the hex and counter variety that we are all accustomed to on our table top.

Rick Barber is one of the most talented graphic artists and is perhaps best known for his map artwork done for numerous Napoleonic and American Civil War board games, more than 60 titles in all. He is also the designer of Summer Storm, covering the Battle of Gettysburg. Rick was particular close with many in our CSW Community and interacted daily on our CSW Forum.

Both John Tiller and Rick Barber are going to be greatly missed, but I hope everyone will take the chance to celebrate them both by firing up a John Tiller computer game or pulling out one of the many games beautifully adorned and graced by Rick's artistic talents.

John Kranz