SDHistCon 2021 Hits a Home Run

Coming on the heels of SDHistCon 2021, congratulations to event organizer, Harold Buchanan, and crew who put on a great virtual event. The event surpassed 350 attendees from all over the world, and from all counts, everyone had a fantastic time participating in the online venue. As we mentioned in our previous issue, virtual conferences are here to stay and SDHistCon 2021 is helping set the momentum for future events, such as Armchair Dragoons Digital Convention (18-20 June) and Connections 2021 (21-25 June). That's right, two more virtual conferences coming in less than one month!

We've spotlighted in this issue one of the Counter Clipping shows hosted by Gary Mengle of Ardwulf's Lair. Gary does a great job conversing with others and makes viewers feel right at home while discussing interesting hobby-related topics. Be sure to check out his show that is featured in this issue. There is a lot of great video content coming out today, so please check our new CSW Live! Weekly Show Guide where you can track what's coming from the top content contributors out there.

In closing, we hope you enjoy the articles we have curated for this issue. For all the news, visit us at where we have posted more than 200 news items for this month alone.

John Kranz